Guideline for Online Chairing

Guideline for Online Chairing
Virtual Conference Guidance for Oral Session Chairs
Before Conference

Sign Up for Conference
As a registered attendee of ICUFN2022, you should have already registered at and have received a valid ID. Now you need to go to the online conference website ( and sign up for an account. Please note that the “On-line Access” button will be displayed at before the conference starts (on July 4, 2022). If you do not have any valid ID, please contact TPC Chair at

Install Zoom
If you do not have Zoom, please install it (

During Conference

Enter Zoom Meeting
Please join the online conference session, where you are chair, and click the “Join Session” button. It is important that you join the Zoom meeting 10 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin, to create your Badge and meet the student volunteer (with name [Name] (Volunteer of Staff).

Create your Zoom “Badge”
When in Zoom, click Participants at the bottom (if using Desktop Zoom)

In the Participants pane, hover over your name and click “More”
Click “Rename”
Enter: [Your Name] (Session 1A Chair)

During Your Session

Turn on Your Video
It is strongly recommended that you turn on your video and unmute your microphone while answering questions during the session.

Introduce Session and Question Format
Please introduce the session, yourself, and the first talk, just like an in-person conference session and remind the attendees that, they can ask questions during each talk by typing into the Zoom chat window at any time, and these questions will be answered at the end of the talk. If you have any questions to the volunteers, please use the Zoom chat window.

Moderate Questions
Please monitor Zoom chat for any questions. If chat window is not visible on Zoom, click Chat (or More->Chat)

Try to encourage attendees to ask questions by unmuting their microphone and speak directly on Zoom. Authors should be answering the questions over audio, rather than using the chat window.
If there are no questions from the audience, you can ask a few questions about the talk yourself.

Introduce the Next Talk
Towards the end of the Q&A session, you can introduce the next talk.

Conclude the Session
At the end of the session, conclude the session and fill out the Session Report and email it to the TPC Chair.

Adjust Your Badge
Remove “(Session 1A Chair)” from your name to avoid any confusions in the other sessions that you will be attending

After Your Session

Submit the Chair Report
Please fill out the below Chair Report (ICUFN 2022 Session Report) and submit it to via email in on-line or conference assistant in on-site.

ICUFN 2022 Session Report
1. Session No.:
2. Session Title:
3. Session Chair:
4. Name:
5. Affiliation:
6. No-Show Papers:
7. * Please specify below the titles of no-show papers, if any.
8. Approximate Number of Audiences:
9. Comment
10. * Please provide any comment on the session and the conference in general.