Information for Presenters

Information for Presenters

Congratulations again on your accepted paper to ICUFN2022!
Papers assigned to oral sessions should be presented either on-site or via zoom, and papers assigned to poster session should be presented via a recorded video. Please refer to the following guideline below for more details.

Please note that No-Show of scheduled papers will result in exclusion from the conference proceedings and IEEE Digital Library.

Conference Guidance for Authors (On-Site)
1. Preparation Guideline for Oral Session

1) Duration of the Presentation
Your talk should be no longer than 18 minutes for oral sessions with 5 papers, and 15 minutes for oral sessions with 6 papers. Note that the authors need to select the format of presentation as online or on-site.

2) Equipment in Presentation Room
Each presentation room will have a beam projector and a laptop computer with PowerPoint and a USB port.

3) Presentation Preparations
Bring a USB memory with your PowerPoint presentation and make sure that your file is copied on the laptop computer in the session room. Please arrive at the presentation room 10 minutes before the actual session starts and introduce yourself to the session chair. Be prepared to give some bibliographic details about yourself to the chairperson so that he/she can introduce you before your presentation.

2. Preparation Guideline for Poster Session

You are required to record and submit a video of your talk (around 10 ~ 15 minutes) by July 2 (Saturday), 2022. When submitting a video file for your presentation, make sure the format is in mp4 with maximum capacity of 500MB. To upload your video, visit the following website:

Conference Guidance for Authors (Online)
1. Preparation Guideline for Oral Session

1) Conference Sign Up
As a registered attendee of ICUFN2022, you should have already registered at and have received a valid ID. Now you need to go to the online conference website ( and sign up for an account. Please note that the “On-line Access” button will be displayed at before the conference starts (on July 4, 2022).

2) Install Zoom
If you do not have Zoom, please install it. (

3) Enter Zoom Meeting
from attendees of the conference in Zoom.
Please join the online conference session, where your paper is assigned and click the “Join Session” button. It is important that you join the Zoom meeting 10 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin, to create your Badge and meet the student volunteer (with name [Name] (Volunteer or Staff).

4) Create your Zoom “Badge”
When in Zoom, click Participants at the bottom (if using Desktop Zoom)

In the Participants pane, hover over your name and click “More”
Click “Rename”
Enter: [Your Name] (Author)

5) Turn on Your Video
It is strongly recommended that you turn on your video and unmute your microphone while answering questions during the session.

6) Questions and Answers
In the case of the Oral session, Q&A takes about 3-5 minutes at the end of each talk. When answering questions from the audience, please unmute your microphone and speak directly. If you have any questions to the volunteers, please use the Zoom chat window.

7) Adjust Your Badge
Remove “(Author)” from your name to avoid any confusions in the other sessions that you will be attending.

2. Preparation Guideline for Poster Session

Same as On-Site Conference Guidance for Poster Session Authors